FAQs for UCCW skins

1.Why I can't find the installed widget in widget list?
Several of my apps with suffix 'uccw skin' is actually a skin for UCCW widget. 
UCCW is a separate app available on playstore which provides flexibility to have different type of widgets on our smartphones.
Thus when you install a UCCW skin, it gets available in the list of skins on UCCW.
And to apply the widget, you have to select UCCW widget from the widget list and then select the desired skin from the list of skins available.

2. What is hotspot in UCCW? How to enable or disable it?

Hotspot of a UCCW widget is the area of the widget which, upon touching, does some action e.g opening an app, updating weather, launch alarm etc.
My UCCW skins have predefined hotspot areas which are
   1.Time: On touching the time part , alarm manager will open.
   2.Weather: On touching the weather icon, the weather will update (provided that your phone is connected to internet).
There can be more hotspots in the skin which would be there in app description.

If, upon touching, UCCW is opening then it means, hotspots are not enabled. To enable this, open UCCW , go to its menu , tap on 'lock widgets(hotspot mode)' and tap on 'ON'.

To disable it , simply turn it 'OFF'.

3. I want to edit hotspots. How I can do that?

Go to UCCW menu , tap 'lock widgets(hotspot mode)' , turn it 'OFF'. Now tap on the widget on homescreen, UCCW app will open and you can now edit the hotspot as desired.

4. The widget is showing incorrect location or weather. How to fix it?

Your location settings should allow apps to use your location. Check in main settings of your smartphone. To update location , phone should be connected to internet.
If it is enabled the go to UCCW menu, tap settings. You have to change weather provider to 'yahoo' (or openweathermap, it doesn't matter). Then change 'location' check 'auto-location' and check 'short form of location. Set desired update interval. Set the night end time to 6 am and night start time to 6 pm. You're done with the settings.
Now weather and location would be correctly displayed. 
(It may take time to update your location, don't be panic. In rare chances, there might be circumstance that your phone is not able to locate your position e.g if you are in roaming, outside the country etc. Then in such cases, untick the auto-location in UCCW settings and enter your location manually.)


  1. Version 1.5.1 was perfect. You will make a lot of people happy if you restore it. Thanks.

  2. Ya.. u know there are font issues
    But i am working on it
    Update coming soon

    Do try other apps from aviotron's lab
    have a nice day :)